Getting Started

Icon Identification

Catia IGES ACIS vuecad ipad

Move your model with these gestures:


COLOR – Select a pen color to draw from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
DRAW – Use one or more fingers to draw directly on the model.
UNDO – Press the undo icon, in the bottom right of the toolbar, to undo the last drawn polyline. Step back in the history to the original, untouched model.
RESET – Double-Tap anywhere on the screen to reset the model to its original position and orientation. (Hint: This is an excellent way to recover, if the part spins out of the field of view.)
CLEAR – Shake the iPad to erase all your markups.



LOCKS – Control view locks for Pan, Rotate and Scale.
BACKGROUND – Change the background to a choice of solid colors or patterns and textures.


EMAIL – Compose and send with the current screen image attached.
CONNECT – Output to TV or external screen for presentation and better communication. Control the view and markup on the external screen from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.