vueCAD is Mobile CAD

Any CAD, Anytime…All on your iPad!

No translation programs or intermediate file formats needed

vueCAD allows you to visualize and share native CAD files anywhere!

From Porsche to Pottery Barn, almost every product we touch today has been designed using Computer Aided Design, or CAD.  These 3D programs typically require large computers and were anything but mobile…until NOW!  Meet vueCAD, the efficient and affordable mobile CAD viewer.

vueCAD is the perfect presentation tool for designers, engineers, manufacturing and quality control teams. Showcase your 3D files wherever you are, at a customer meeting, trade show or a conference.

  • VueCad in the App StorevueCAD runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to master.
  • Control the 3D model with a finger to zoom, pan, rotate, and explode.
  • Instantly change the background and markup colors, then markup and share drawing immediately via email.
  • No file translations or intermediate file formats needed; native CAD files are supported directly.

Catia V4 and V5 vueCAD iPad

Additional features

  • View 3D CAD models directly from a website, an FTP site, or a 3rd-party service.
  • Large format viewing is possible by connecting to a TV or an external computer screen. Control the model with vueCAD from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
  • No native applications need to be installed.
  • Surface and solid geometries supported.



Any CAD, Any Time… All On Your iPad!

No translation programs or intermediate file formats needed