vueCAD® Tech Specs

Custom Applications
A customized version of vueCAD® can be created as a view component inside ANY app.Potential applications include;

  • 3D sales catalogs
  • inventory management systems
  • ordering and purchasing systems
  • shipping and receiving systems
  • augmented reality solutions
  • guided assembly solutions
  • quality control solutions
  • eLearning solutions, etc.
  • Contact, (949) 720-9100 for more information
Available FormatsFREE Mesh formats included (vueCAD FREE and VueCAD PRO):

  • Blender, Collada
  • Autodesk (limited) 3DS MAX, ASE & DXF

Neutral CAD formats are lower-priced in-App upgrades:

  • ACIS and Parasolid

OEM CAD formats are in-App upgrades: vueCAD in ipad Catia V5

  • Catia V5, V4 & CGR
  • Unigraphics
  • Pro/Engineer
  • SolidEdge
  • Autodesk Inventor

No limit on number of faces / triangles
No limit on number of points / vertices
No limit on number of surfaces or solids
(*Limited only by the total memory of the device.)

Full support for color, transparency, and textures.

Full support for camera functionality for use in Augmented Reality applications.

Models can be loaded directly from a website (WWW), an FTP location, thru a 3rd-party service such as DropBox®, imported thru iTunes®, or as an attachment in your email.

Connect vueCAD® to a TV or external screen for presentation and better communication. Control the view and markup on the external screen from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Technical SupportSend sample files to